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Friday, August 12, 2005

Would More Money Change Things?

I struggle with mama brain as Georgia reaches the one month mark, so I'll start my thoughts here by respnding to Steph's ?: How did you come to it? Would you stick to it should a large sum of cash fall into your lap?

We live our lives of "voluntary simplicty" out of both a love for doing so and financial reasons. Cloth dipes, for instance, save us money but we can't imagine using exclusively disposables for environmental reasons. The baby sleeps wonderfully through the night in a disposable but we don't see any reason to use them during the day.

We don't spend much money on entertainment, "toys", or new clothes - but again, I think this is as much about it not being my nature as it is about not having the funds. Struggling right now with the tv - I think the family time E spends with his dad watching the Yankees games is important but dang, I wish they were on basic cable (a few years back here in NJ the Yanks games started to only be showr on their own "YES Network"....craziness)

It's nice knowing our food is right outside our door, and when we sell eggs or goat kids we usally can cover the cost of feeding the chooks and our two does.

I will be very happy once we reach financial equilibrium...once my husband makes enough at the job he already loves that I can focus on the money I can make from our farm and not have to work off farm anymore - probably another year or two at least.

But if we were to receive a financial windfall? We'd pay off our debts - in this day and age I know that buying a home where we did - in NJ to be near our folks - requires, oftentimes, a mortgage, as does E's hard-earned law degree, but the sooner those two debts are gone the better! But I would still raise our own food, still can and preserve, still garden, and still raise our livestock. I'd just worry less on bill paying day. :)


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Niobium said...

Money would definately change things. I think the question should be will it change things for the better or the worse.

Our finanicial troubles are our own doing. We racked up a buttload of credit card debt and now paying it off through credit counciling. Wolf and I are the type that learn the hard way, and believe me we have been taught a lesson.

Due to the debt we created for ourselves, we had to sell our house and move into a mobile home and this burned our souls. But we were not so proud we didn't see what had to be done and so we took that step back so we can get on our feet.

We think of what we would do if a huge sum of money came our way, and honestly, it would probably end our marriage. We both binge spend--hence the $20,000 debt--if we had millions to spend, we would go insane buying everything we ever wanted. Oh sure, we'd be alturistic and pay off the mortgage of everyone we know, but that would not end the underlying issue of binge behavior.

We'll climb out of the debt we've created in a few years, just in time for my student loans to demand payment. Only then, there will be two incomes so hopefully it'll get paid off quicker so we can do what it is we want to do with our time and money.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Scarlett said...

If I ever get a windfall, I am going to become a self-sustaining homesteader. I will raise and grow the majority of my food. I will be so happy with that.

It is my greatest dream. And Ma Ingalls's would blog so that she could inspire and continue to teach.


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