What Would Ma Ingalls Do?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

WWMID con't

I've been struggling the past few months over the SAHM thing....one of our priorities is living close to our extended family, but unfortunately our family live what is currently the most expensive county, housing wise, in the nation. Our farm is by no means a mansion, but to live here, we need two incomes. Our property taxes, which are average for this area, are 7K a year! I'm feeling more confident in our decision to have me keep teaching come December till June, and have our baby girl stay with her Grandpa and Great Aunt. Next year, once my dad retires, I may find a pre-school type thing for her to go to one or two days a week to give my dad a break - as it is now she'll be going to work with him three days a week, and they have on site care for when she can't be in his arms.

I wouldn't work if we didn't need it to live here, and as my husband's income grows, we both know I'll be home in a few years full time. But I can't help but wonder, is this the right trade off? I guess I'll never know 100%, but I do think having this place, growing up surrounded by a working farm that grows our food, eggs, milk, (and meat if we ever chose to start eating it again)...it's invaluable, And right now it's worth it to me to work so she can have that. God forbid, if peak oil and politics ever get crazy, she'll have land, a stable food supply, fresh water...all in very short supply in these parts, and certainly not readily accessable if we moved into an apartment so I could stay home full time. Prompted by Stella's joyous goat post today....

Friday, October 14, 2005


So two months later things don't seem as overwhelming. This blog has been silent for a few weeks, how about the rest of you? For myself, there is still this need to get things done, times are changing and I keep my eyes and ears opening and still shake my head in disbelief at the numbers of people who refuse to adapt to these changing times. My mantra has been "reliance on any one thing leaves you vulnerable" (thanks to Stella for that). My daughter and I have been reading the Little House books over the summer and in it's own way, looking to the past has given me insight for the future. Even the pioneers came to rely on new inventions and when nature's wrath made life unbearable they were at a loss to get by because of their reliance on modern inventions.

So, the answer seemed simple enough, learn to adapt to life with out mod cons should the occasion arise and the need is necessary. The largest adjustment that will need doing is moving away from petroleum dependence. It seems scary and overwhelming but if taken slowly, one step at a time I feel it's do-able. It all comes down to making that choice. We have the means nowadays to adapt, anyone with a computer has everything they need at their fingertips to finding ways to gain skills that will provide.

Recently I managed to stay up late and caught Letterman, on this particular show his guest was Woody Harrelson. I'm not very big into the lives of celebrities so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he lives off the grid in Hawaii. Plus he mentioned his site Voice Yourself . It looks very interesting and I will be taking time to look it over, I love what I am seeing so far.